Friday, November 16, 2007

S 'n' B, south London

Come one, come all!

There will be a gathering of knitters (with munchies and drinks, if you so desire) to be held on the first Monday of each month at the Wortley Roadhouse. Unfortunately the establishment wasn't willing to give us their "Village Room" on a Friday, so we will have to make do with Monday. Besides, we won't be missing any prime TV time.

Please feel free to share this information. The more the merrier! And if you would rather spin, crotchet or what-have-you, you are more than welcome to join us!!

Where? : Wortley Roadhouse
190 Wortley Road, London, ON
When? : Monday December 3rd
Starting at: 7pm

There is lots of free parking available. And if you've never been, the food is actually tasty and fairly reasonable. Beer, munchies, knitting - who could ask for more?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Adding some jewlery to your site - Ringsurf part 2

Ok, now that you've joined and gotten the code, you'll need to add it to your blog. Before you do that, you will need to save a copy of the button picture to your computer and then your Flickr account. Simply right click on the Knit-London button and save it to your Flickr account. You will add this into the code shortly.

Sign into your (Blogger) blog and go to Customize. Click on the Template tab, and go to the Page Elements area. Displayed will be the general layout of your blog's template and elements which you already have and elements you can add. Click on 'Add a Page Element'.

A pop-up or window will open listing the various elements that you can now add. You will be adding HTML/JavaScript - click and open. The first pop-up will close and new window will open for Configer HTML/JavaScript.

You can choose how the ring will look on your blog. Do you want the button or would you rather just have the words? As long as the RingSurf links are displayed beneath the words or the button, the choice is yours!

If you prefer the button free look: A) Add the title (Knit-London) at the top plus the ring code below with no button

If you would like the button: B) Leave the title blank, add the code and insert the button picture.

(both A & B) Copy the 'code' you were sent in it's entirety and paste it into space provided in the window. Then look for this information :
(left arrow*) img src="insert button image here">

No button: A) Be sure you have entered the Ring's title, otherwise it will be left blank and you will only have the RingSurf links on your blog. Unfortunately this may make it more challenging for people to surf the ring or recognize what it is. Simply enter Knit-London in the title area. Once that is complete, highlight and erase only the above line from the code. This will remove the image information.

Button: B) You've got the code pasted in the window, now look for the above line in the code. Once you find it, you need to add the image's URL from your Flickr account to that spot. It should look something like this:
(left arrow*)" http(colon**)//"/>
In Flickr go to the image and click all sizes and copy the pictures static URL. Paste the URL exactly where the words insert button image here are and remove those words.

Save your work. The editing window will close and you can preview your blog to check if you like the placement of your new button. Move it around if you wish. Be sure to save all of your changes before exiting.

Tada! You've added a ring to your blog.

Please note that the bellow were typed so they would show in this article!
* left arrow = <
** colon = :

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Joining the Ring - part 1

Greetings all!! I'm glad that you've managed to find the blog.

First if you are looking to join the ring, please go to the "ring" button on the right. You will notice there is a "join" link below it, click on it. You will be taken directly to the RingSurf: Join Ring page. You should see a page saying submit site to Knit-London. It should be a form with blank areas saying: Site Title, Site Owner, E-mail Address, Sit URL, Ring Code (don't worry about this one) and so on. This is supposed to be your blog information.

Fill 'er out and be sure to make note of you pass word some where. You should get an e-mail from RingSurf confirming your request and I believe it will give you your user name again. You should also receive an e-mail with the "code" to add to your blog. This is the information your blog needs to create the "ring" on your page.

Right - easy part over.