Sunday, February 24, 2008

Forest City Knit Club - Feb08 Meeting

The FCKC had their monthly meeting Tuesday February 19th. It was one of the largest gatherings that we have had due to the influx of members thanks to Ravelry. Even with the amount of people that we have taken into the fold it still remains a great group of knitters and always a blast.

Ok, so I only caught half the group via camera, but really how could one blame me? They was far too much laughter and mirth going on where I was sitting. Nadine on one side and this . . . .
. . . on the other. Dudes, we were both so freaking tired and had the giggles. We were accused of sneaking something into the refreshments we were served. Really, it was just the giggles, fueled by over tiredness and close proximity.

Giggles, knitting, conversation. It was a great evening!